Tuesday, 20 December 2011

I need it please ?

 new leather purse 
# Sebab dah koyak maybe sebab banyak sangat duet dalam purse nie Muahaha  
new jeans
# Memang aku tak banyak jeans , that's why I want it 
 new pendrive 
#It's necessary for a student . nanti susah kau nak pinjam orang punye 
 Ke'table' , or Kemeja 
#I don't have enough ke'table' nak pakai pegi kolej 
 casual tee 
#This is compulsory . I always need new clothes in my wardrobe . Wahh berlagak ! 
No laah , I just loves tee so much :)
 consealer & compact powder 
#It's also compulsory nak tutup pimples and dark tone skin aku nie :)
#I don't have enough shoes I guess ;)
#It's one of my favourites . Saya suka pakai selipe Japan pan pan :)
Sebab selesa sangat . And I've got the new one already :)
 simple college bag
#Takde lah suka sangat pakai bag nie . Im more comfortable If i just bring my purse on hand .
But , as a student I think It's also necessary :)
# Earbuds , MP3 that has to repair , watch that has to replace new battery  and another things that I
think will be neccessary ;)

Ada sesiape bermurah hati ? Sila-sila lah ye ye ? Hehehe . I just said I NEED IT :)